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Introduction: During these challenging times, I will be sharing a range of ideas, dreams, essays and mostly-true tales stemming from the six decades (so far) of this wonderful career in [...]

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  • Stage scene from Noises Off at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

Northwest Herald Review: Noises Off

Regina Belt-Daniels of the Northwest Herald Review: I’m setting the bar pretty high here for future performances, but darn it!, I can’t find a single thing wrong with the Metropolis production of “Noises Off.” There’s not a weak link anywhere. The timing, the pacing, that cast, line delivery, costumes, sound, lights and the set are all extraordinary.

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  • Stage scene from Noises Off at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

Hilarity ensues onstage and backstage at Metropolis in the classic farce Noises Off

Enjoy a glimpse backstage with the comedy that has been hailed as the funniest farce ever written. A production plummeting off the rails takes center stage in this boisterous play-within-a-play. Following a traveling troupe’s production of the British comedy, Nothing On, from a tense dress rehearsal to a chaotic opening night and finally to a calamitous performance. The actors’ personal lives, ego battles and passionate affairs plunge the production toward the edge of complete disaster.

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  • Stage scene from Anything Goes by Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

Metropolis goes for everything in resplendent production of classic ‘Anything Goes’

Chicago Musical Theatre Review by Erin Fleming: The cast dives in joyfully, fully committing to the vintage camp and stylistic tropes of the piece, many of them going for broke with highly entertaining, over-the-top comic performances, such as scene stealers Mark Ponatrelli and Maddie Dorsey as Public Enemy #13 Moonface Martin and sassy moll Erma Latour, and Connor Murray as the Lord Evelyn Oakley.

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  • Stage scene from Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

Review by Rikki Lee Travolta – ‘Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story’ Brings Iconic Music to Life at Metropolis

The 1978 film The Buddy Holly Story featuring a career defining performance by Gary Busey brought the music and the artist’s story of his meteoric rise to fame into the limelight for a new generation of fans. The Alan Janes script for Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, now on stage through August 31 at the beautiful Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, lacks the same charm as the movie predecessor, but the uber talented cast and nuanced direction by Joe Keefe creates a plethora of magical moments.

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