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Metropolis Community Engagement 
Metropolis Community Engagement, a branch of Metropolis School of the Performing Arts, has provided performing arts education to more than 17,000 participants since its inception in 2007. By developing programs to meet the needs of various populations - from children to seniors to individuals of all abilties - Metropolis Community Engagement strives to set the precedent for performing arts learning partnerships.

Community Engagement Mission
Metropolis Community Engagement collaborates with organizations, schools, and community groups to create performing arts programming. All the details of a Metropolis Community Engagement partnership program are customizable, from program topic and objectives to duration, schedule, and price.

Through Metropolis Community Engagement partnerships, we hope to:
     - Integrate the arts into the everyday lives of community members.
     - Make the arts accessible to our broad and diverse community.
     - Awaken participants’ awareness of themselves, others, and the world through performing arts education.
     - Cultivate lifelong appreciation of and involvement in the performing arts.

Featured Programs

“Flourish in the Footlights” with Arlington Pediatric Therapy
In Flourish in the Footlights, young adults with special needs create their own adaptation of a story which they perform on the Metropolis stage complete with lights, sound, and costumes. This partnership meets weekly for fall and spring sessions and has been thriving for fourteen years!

“Clearbrook on Cue” with Clearbrook
This theatre program, designed for adults with special needs, focuses on creative expression through acting and performance. The clients participate in weekly rehearsals for a production tailored toward their strengths. The final performance takes place at Metropolis and is followed by an autograph session with the Clearbrook stars afterwards!

“Acting Through Life” with Arlington Heights Senior Center
Since 2011, Acting Through Life participants ages 55 and up have explored acting styles such as radio plays, on-camera, and scene work. Acting Through Life meets once per week and culminates in a showcase for the students’ families and friends. The program welcomes both veteran thespians and newcomers!

Past Programs

“Write to the Spotlight” with District 25/Arts Commission
This annual program integrating creative drama into language arts classrooms inspired students to get excited about writing. Students would write original stories during their language arts classes and then witness their stories played out in a performance on the Metropolis stage by professional actors.

Improv Workshop with Boy Scouts of America
Our one-day improv workshops focus on diving into the high energy and fun genre of comedy performance. During their one-day improv workshop, The Boy Scouts grew as a team and individuals by thinking on their feet and practicing making the most out of every given situation. Metropolis Community Engagement has also partnered with Barrington Area Library, Half Day School, and The Moorings of Arlington Heights for improv workshops.

Creative Movement/Dance with Elmhurst Academy of Early Learning
Students engaged in weekly classes focusing on creative movement concepts and dance foundations. Through this class, learners explored their kinesthetic tendencies, allowing for cognitive, social, and emotional development.


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