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We are one of the only performing arts centers in the Midwest that presents as well as produces our own live theatre, provides access to the arts through our vibrant School and delivers extensive Outreach programs to over 90 communities and organizations.

Our value to the community lies in the hearts and minds of those who have danced a night away with Kevin Bacon and The Bacon Brothers, laughed themselves to tears at a comedy, felt their heart swell watching their six-year-old dance in a showcase or saw the look in the eyes of a child seeing their first live performance. By supporting Metropolis, you're helping make the arts a part of the everyday experience.


  • Become a Member:  You can make individual donations in person by cash or check, or online with any of the four major credit cards. Donations can be made in memory or honor of someone and are tax deductible. Also, many employers will match contributions made by their employees. This is a great way to double or triple your gift. Contact your Human Resources office to find out more. To make a donation to Metropolis, contact Randal Klaproth, 847.818.6393 or visit our Member Page.
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  • Gifts of Stock: There are many beneficial tax savings to giving appreciated securities - check with your advisor. Contact Randal Klaproth at 847.818.6393 for more information.
  • Your Brick in the Spotlight: Purchase and customize a nameplate that will be installed on a brick on our theatre wall. Click here to learn more.
  • Attend or Sponsor a Special Event: Whether it’s our signature fundraising event, the Metropolis Gala, or the wildly popular ladies’ night out, the Sunday Soiree, contact Joan Sellergren at 847.577.5982 x229 to learn how you can get involved, raise money and have fun doing it.
  • In-Kind Donations: Goods or services are always appreciated for use as raffle prizes at an event or for general theater operations.
  • Grants: If you are personally involved with your own family foundation and would like to make a gift, or if you have knowledge of another foundation or grant application that might be a good fit with one of our programs, please contact Randal Klaproth at 847.818.6393.
  • Volunteer Your Time: You could volunteer to part of an event committee,help out with administrative duties or perform a variety of theater-related tasks in some of our different departments: Production, Artistic, Front of House, Marketing/Development.
  • If you are with a corporation or small business and would like to support metropolis while also receiving advertising, exposure opportunities for your business and provide access to our programs for your clients and employees, you will find lots of great opportunities in corporate memberships and sponsorships.




Box Office

Mon-Sat: 10-6
Sun: Closed
open 1 hour before showtime

Drama & Dance Schools

847.577.5982 x221

Music School

847.577.5982 x240

Group Discounts
847.577.5982 x228
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Contact Development


111 W. Campbell St.
Arlington Heights, Il 60005
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