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By Michele L Vacca Based on the C. Collodi Novel


Geppetto the toy maker wishes on a star that his puppet could be a real boy, to have a son of his own. The Blue Fairy brings the puppet to life and names him Pinocchio, but it’s his job to become a real boy by learning to tell the truth and obeying his father. With many temptations along the way, will Pinocchio ever get to be a real boy?

Audition Info:

Auditions are open to students (grades 1 thru 12) currently enrolled in the SOPA Spring 2017 Semester.

*can be any of our drama, dance or music classes or lessons.

Fee: Once cast, there is a $75 materials fee - this is to offset the cost of costumes, props, set, etc. 

FYI: There are a few rehearsal dates between Pinocchio! and Part of Your World: The Music of Alan Menken that overlap. You may still sign up for both programs if interested.

What to Prepare:

Please memorize one or two of the monologues listed below, or memorize a monologue of your choosing in a similar classic children's story style. Also please be ready to share any acrobatic or circus-type tricks you may be capable of doing – this is not mandatory.

When preparing for their audition, students should also practice stating their name and the play their monologue is from before beginning.

 Audition Form:

Forms must be filled out and brought to the audition.The rehearsal, tech, and performance dates are included – please include all conflicts.

Audition Form


Audition & Casting Policies



Shel Silverstein – Bear In There Monologue

Shel Silverstein – Messy Room Monologue

Country Mouse and The Missing Lunch Mystery Monologue

The Lemonade Stand By Peg Kehret

Shrek, Jr. – Shrek Monologue

Aladdin – Lamp Seller Monologue

Disney’s Cinderella – Duke Monologue

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – Willy Wonka Monologue

The Phantom Tollbooth – Clock Monologue

The Phantom Tollbooth – Dischord Monologue

James and The Giant Peach Monologue

Alice In Wonderland – Alice Monologue

Charlie Brown – Shroeder Monologue

The Stepsister Speaks Out By Peg Kehret

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – Slugworth Monologue


Auditions & Callbacks:

Auditions will be held on Friday, March 10th.


Gr. 1-2 audition time: 4pm-4:30pm

Gr. 3-5 audition time: 4:45pm-5:45pm

Gr. 6-12 audition time: 6pm-7pm

*Auditionees are required to stay for the entire time slot; students audition in a group setting



Callbacks will be held on Saturday, March 11th from 2pm-4:30pm

*Callbacks are by invitation only


*begin Friday, March 17th

Fridays – 4pm-7pm

Sundays – 12pm-3pm

Tuesdays – 4pm-7pm

*No rehearsals March 27th-April 1st


Sunday, April 30th12pm-4pm

Monday, May 1st4pm-8pm

Tuesday, May 2nd4pm-8pm

Wednesday, May 3rd4pm-8pm

*Attendance on these dates is mandatory


Thursday, May 4th @ 10am and 6pm

Friday, May 5th @ 10am and 6pm

Saturday, May 6th @ 1pm

*Please note there are 2 performances during the day – a school excusal letter will be sent home

Contact Maggie (SOPA Production Manager) to reserve your audition:

Call: 847.577.5982 x234         Email:


Private Coaching

Prepping for an audition, speech tournament or work presentation? Receive personalized tips and feedback from our professional acting, music and dance coaches. Weekly or single one-on-one coaching sessions are available for music, drama, and dance and can be customized to your interests. Coaches also provide professional training in public speaking and interviewing. Flexible scheduling options are available for all ages.

Start anytime and pay as you go!


$40 for 30 minutes

$55 for 45 minutes

$70 for 60 minutes